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04 Mar Wedding History

Family Wedding History Post.001

^^Left picture:  Matt’s parents’ wedding invitation.  Right picture:  Matt’s Mom, Heidi Langsjoen, and Dad, Charles Callaway, at the Fiji house while attending UT. His mom was wore his dad’s FIJI letters, and right after college they were married.  Matt’s father was an amazing man, pilot, and father, and although he is no longer with us he is greatly missed.


Family Wedding History Post.002

^^Alison’s Mom (Janet Pfluger Scott) and Dad (Willy Scott) at the Rehearsal Dinner hosted by Cile and Wally Scott at Headliners Club.  Left picture:  Wally (Willy’s brother) toasting the happy couple.  Middle picture:  Jim Pfluger (Janet’s late father) and Janet’s grandmother.  Right picture:  Janet’s bridesmaids (and Alison’s godmothers) Margaret Lauderback and Virginia Lahourcade.


Family Wedding History Post.003

^^Left picture: Lifetime friends of Alison’s grandparents at Alison’s parents wedding at Good Shepherd Church.  Right picture: Willy’s mom, Cile Whalley Scott, and Coach Mike Campbell at the Rehearsal Dinner.


Family Wedding History Post.004

^^Alison’s mom’s, Janet Pfluger Scott, bridal portraits.


Family Wedding History Post Image 5.001

^^Left picture:  Willy’s mom, Cile Whalley Scott (Alison’s grandmother), escorted into the wedding ceremony by Willy’s brother, Wally.   Middle picture:  Janet’s mom, Joyce Thoresen Pfluger (Alison’s grandmother), escorted into the ceremony by Janet’s oldest brother, Brad.  Right picture:  Janet and Willy (Alison’s parents) post ceremony!


Family Wedding History Post.006

^^Left picture:  Willy’s groomsmen.  Right picture:  Janet and Willy standing at the alter of Good Shepherd Church getting married!  This is the same church that Matt and I will be married in.


Family Wedding History Post.007

^^Left and Middle pictures:  Willy Scott (Alison’s Dad) with his mom, Cile Scott (Alison’s grandmother), before the ceremony.   Right picture:  Willy dancing with Janet’s mom (Alison’s grandmother), at the reception.  The reception was held at Onion Creek Country Club, where the groom’s parents lived, the newlyweds first settled down, and Alison was born.


Family Wedding History Post.008

^^Left picture:  The immediate family portrait at Alison’s parents wedding – Janet and Willy, with her parents Joyce and Jim, and his parents, Cile and Wally.  Right picture:  Janet at the end of the reception, after changing into her getaway dress with the bridesmaids.


Family Wedding History Post.009

^^Left picture:   Darrell Royal carrying the honeymoon suitcase to the getaway car, an antique black limo, which he also drove them away in.  Right picture:  The newlyweds!


Family Wedding History Post.010

^^Left picture:  Joyce and Jim Pfluger (Alison’s grandparents) at their wedding, along with the parents, Nanny and Gramp Thoresen and Grandma and Grandpa Pfluger.  Right picture:  Alison helping with her grandmothers’ dress at their remarriage.


Family Wedding History Post.011

^^Left picture:  Joyce and Jim Pfluger dancing at their remarriage reception.  Right picture:  Cousins Grant and Audrey, the Bride (Alison’s grandmother, Joyce Pfluger), Alison, and Christy.


Family Wedding History Post.012

^^Memorabilia from Alison’s great grandmothers wedding.  Their wedding invitation, announcement in the paper, and the ring bearer pillow that Ella (Joyce Pfluger’s mom) made herself.


Family Wedding History Post.013

^^Left picture:  Cile Scott’s bridal portrait (Alison’s paternal grandmother).  Middle picture:  Cile Whalley Scott and Wally Scott after their ceremony.  Right picture:  Cile and Wally in their receiving line on wedding day.


Family Wedding History Post.014

^^Alison’s great grandparents (Willy’s dad, Wally’s parents) were married for over 70 years.  Wallace and Lillian married on January 17th, 1920 in Greenville, Alabama but lived in Austin since before 1940.  Wallace Scott was the Director of the University of Texas Longhorn Club, and his and Lillian’s 70th Anniversary was celebrated at the UT Frank Erwin Center.


Family Wedding History Post Brad:Deb.001

^^Left picture:  Alison’s uncle Jon Pfluger (youngest brother to Janet Pfluger Scott, who was a bridesmaid) and wife Kelly Pfluger on their wedding day.  Alison was as junior bridesmaid in their wedding, and it is such a special thing to have their daughter, Charlotte, as Alison’s flower girl now, and their sons, Bobby and JR, as Junior Ushers.  This family portrait also has Alison’s grandmother and grandfather, Joyce and Jim Pfluger, aunt and uncle, Deborah and Brad Pfluger, cousins, Grant, Marshall, and Audrey Pfluger, and Christy and Win Scott.  Right picture:  Alison’s aunt and uncle, Brad Pfluger (Janet’s middle brother) and Deborah Kaster Pfluger, on their wedding day.


Family Wedding History Post.016

^^Left picture:  Alison’s godmother, Margaret Lauderback, on her wedding day with her bridesmaids, including Janet Scott, directly to her left.  Right picture:  Alison’s aunt (older sister of Willy Scott) walking down the aisle with Alison’s late grandfather, Wally Scott.  We miss them both a ton!


Family Wedding History Post.017

^^Left picture:  Virginia and Lee Lahourcade, also Alison’s godparents, on their wedding day.  Middle picture:  Marietta and Wally Scott (Willy’s big brother, Alison’s aunt and uncle) cutting the cake at their wedding in Tyler, Texas.  Right picture:  Tammy and Jim Sayers on their wedding day in South Dakota.


Family Wedding History Post Meredith.001

^^Left picture:  Matt’s sister, Meredith Callaway, celebrating her marriage to Travis Viteck in New Orleans, shortly after their wedding in the park.  Middle and right picture:  “The Barn Party” reception, at Matt’s family farm, where Meredith and Travis transformed the Pecan Grove and the barn to a gorgeous Pinterest-worthy rustic celebration, complete with the band Wood-and-Wire, BBQ from Clems, and local beer from Matt’s tailgate trailer.


We feel so grateful to have such a big family, and so many people that we love.  We are looking forward to becoming a part of this rich history!  Look for Janet’s album of her collection of wedding invitations at the wedding reception!


xoxo Alison & Matt


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