Becoming the Callaways - Alison & Matthew Callaway | Wedding Day Brunch and Beautify at Blo Dry Blo!
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09 Oct Wedding Day Brunch & Beautify at Blo Dry Bar

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Getting ready at the Blo Dry Bar with all of my girls was one of my favorite parts of my wedding day. We even got there a tad early and were able to stop the bus at my favorite tea place (The Steeping Room) before the day got started! I am sooooooo thankful for my amazing aunts and uncles who hosted this event. It made such a difference in the day!  In our wedding weekend, it was very important to both Matt and I that we spend time time with the people that mean so much to us in such a big event of our lives, especially as they are doing so much for us during this time!  Being surrounded by these ladies (aunts, sisters, cousins, friends, bridesmaids, house party, flower girls, readers in the wedding, second moms, most of them playing double roles) added so much love to my day.  It was the BEST way to do hair and makeup for a big group. It was efficient, and got everyone together on the day-of for some fun girl time! We had mimosas, a delicious brunch, had our hair done, did our makeup, and then everyone changed there. [The church dressing room is too small for all the girls to get ready there, so we took advantage of the space and time at the Blo Dry Bar!]

Venue and Hair: Blo Dry Bar
Photographer: Jenny DeMarco
Makeup: Tanya at Lola Beauty
Schedule // Details: Here is our schedule download, in case you’d like to use for your own planning!

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